BTS has recently announced ticketing information for their new tour dates, which is bringing back memories of past stories where ARMYs showed how dedicated they were to get tickets.

An ARMY from Toronto once utilized her school’s computer lab full of 24 iMacs to help her secure tickets to BTS’s “Love Yourself” tour in 2018.

She αssumed that it would make more sense to use multiple devices to help get her tickets.

After a lot of effort and crashed pages, she was exhausted.

In the end, the plan worked, and she was able to score her tickets!

However, this мєтнod is not recommended for purchasing tickets in 2021. Read the Ticketmaster disclaimer below: “When you sign in to the same account on multiple devices it may result in errors and/or limit you from shopping during the Presale. Before the sale begins, please double-check check you are only signed in to your Ticketmaster account on one device.”



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