The members of BTS often give compliments as well as suggest to ARMYs musical works that they consider to be really excellent. And surprisingly, then the authors of those songs became the center of attention and even they were surprised because just through an introduction by BTS, they were loved so much. In particular, the person who often introduces hidden talents to ARMY is V, and recently a song by British artist Matt Maltese.

V and some members of BTS often share with ARMYs about what they hear and what works they consider excellent. But usually the songs or music products that V supports are hidden talents, not many people know about. For example, V once helped a YouTube channel with a unique but unknown style gain tens of thousands of subcribers overnight.

Most recently, on his Instagram Story, V shared about a musical work that he expressed: “I’m jealous of someone who knew you early”.

The song that V shared is named Bad Contestant, composed and performed by Matt Maltese. Matt Maltese is an English singer and songwriter. His style blends elements from ind̾i̾e ̾ pop, ind̾i̾e ̾ rock and chamber music. Since releasing her debut single “Even If It’s a Lie” in 2015, Maltese has released three studio albums, two EPs, and 19 singles. In July 2021, Maltese announced her third studio album, Good Morning It’s Now Tomorrow.

After knowing that V loved and shared his song with everyone, Matt was extremely touched and expressed his thanks to Taehyung. Not only did he retweet the story with thanks for V, but he also followed V’s personal Instagram account.

It seems that partly thanks to V’s introduction, some ARMYs have heard of Matt’s work and felt his artistic music. ARMY also left many compliments and cheers for Matt in the next productions.

V’s influence on social media is not small, but the way he uses his influence to make many talents known shows just how good of a personality V really is. That is why he is always loved and respected by many other artists and celebrities.


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