Recently, ARMYs were extremely excited to learn that HYBE will be releasing a merch designed by the BTS members themselves. However, not long after that, when the merch designed by Jin was revealed, ARMYs were ṩḧöċḳed by its price and so was Jin. Questions and disappointments abound for HYBE and Jin has also expressed his feelings on Weverse.

Recently, HYBE has just released the first product designed by BTS, along with a video illustrating Jin’s product creation process. Items for Jin to design include a version of the pajamas and a designer pillow. It comes in blue and black with cute patterns and is of course loved by ARMYs. HYBE also announced that the other members’ next merch items will be released twice a week.


But one thing that makes ARMYs somewhat surprised and disappointed is the price of the item. Although I love merch Jin’s designs and when it comes to idols, every ARMY will want to own that precious item, but it seems that this time the price of the item priced by HYBE is high compared to what ARMY fantasy and upset some ARMYs.

According to official information, the pajamas are being sold for ₩119,000 KRW (about 100 USD) a set, regardless of the design. This is a very high price compared to any average price of pajamas sold in кσяєα. Popular SPA brands like Muji in кσяєα sell pajama sets for less than ₩50,000 KRW (about $42.10) each while roadshop brands usually sell sets for around 30,000 KRW (about $25.20) or lower.

Although ARMY knows that the items are special because it is made with the efforts of the members in the design, it is too high a price unless they are made from special materials. But even designer brands, pajamas in кσяєα don’t usually cost as much. ARMYs are feeling quite uncomfortable with the exorbitant prices that HYBE offers:

– “HYBE you crazy f*ckers…I’ve no words at the price of the pajamas. I’m not buying…”

– “I was like just what is the price of the pajamas for everyone to be like that but… HYBE really has no conscience. Who would buy it like that? Just support the kids through music more and not goods.”

– “The price of the pajamas… Just what crime did the artist commit… Does HYBE really not know market price? They rose it like 3 times… No I know it’s a business but…LOL”

– “The price of the pajamas is one thing but what’s up with the pillow. If you go to the mart, it’s like ₩20,000 KRW (about $16.80 USD) for it… We already kind of saw the state of the prices with the BE albums but… Bigh- Sorry, HYBE, can you check the market before coming up with your prices… The pillow isn’t even by a specialty brand or anything this is too much.”

Even Jin – the creator of this merch is too surprised with the price that HYBE has offered. Therefore, after knowing the price, he immediately went to Weverse to tell ARMY about his surprise. He said: “I wanted to use a good material for pajamas…What price…I was surprised”. It seems that Jin just wanted to create a merch with the best materials and comfort for ARMY but he didn’t expect the price to be so high.

It seems that what HYBE does is not pleasing to Jin and ARMY even if it is a product designed by the members themselves. And there are many other items made by 6 members, wait and see how capital will value those items.


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