Although V’s birthday has pαѕѕed nearly a week, his birthday-related projects are still very interested by fans. Recently a project to celebrate V’s birthday in his hometown was showed on YTN News, a 24-hour kσrєαn News channel, for becoming the newest Daegu tourist attraction for the next two years.

YTN News reported on a new 2m high, 33m long panorama mural on the outside wall of Daeseong Elementary School in Daegu. According to the information shared, this is also V’s childhood old school, located opposite Daleong Park – where many memories of his childhood with his family are imprinted.

This project includes a panorama mural featuring V’s 11 solo and self-composed songs. The background design is a combination of purple for V’s trademark phrase “I Purple You” and the painting “Starry” Night” by Van Gogh, V’s favorite artist. The painting is the 14th in a series of projects carried out by Taehyung’s ¢нιиєѕє fan club, ċḧïńä Baidu VBar, for his recent birthday. They consulted with HYBE, Daegu Daesung Elementary School and the local government for approval.

After the project was completed, V also became the first artist to own the world 1st support of school exterior wall color painting. This project also attracts a lot of tourists to visit and take pictures because of its uniqueness and meaning. Besides, this is also a tourist attraction in Daegu – V’s hometown.

Sharing about this project, Eun Gwihyang, Principal of Daegu Daesung Elementary School, who agreed to the request for permission to make the mural at this school, said: “V is a world-class singer. If our students see this all the time & know about him, this can give dreams & hopes to our kids. So I could decide on this.”

Han Mihyang, Daegu Seo-gu, head of Culture & Promotion Department who approved the project said: “Seomun Market, the oldest traditional market in Daegu, is nearby & across the street from here is Dalseong Park, where V often visited when he was young. I think it will be a good opportunity to promote our region if many fans and tourists from all over the country visit.”

According to an announcement from ¢нιиα Baidu Vbar, this project will last from December 29, 2021 and will last for two years.


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